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Protect biodiversity

and preserve natural treasures

What does biodiversity mean and what role does it play in tourism? 

Would you like an overview?

The knowledge module "Biodiversity in Tourism" offers an interesting introduction to the topic.

 Biodiversity in Tourism 

Tourism benefits from biological diversity: travelers enjoy beautiful and intact nature, varied landscapes and culinary diversity. But tourism also contributes to the decline in biodiversity and suffers from the consequences. For example, plastic waste in the sea endangers biological diversity under and above water, and littered beaches are not attractive to holidaymakers either. It is therefore in the special interest of the tourism industry to avoid damage to nature and proactively protect biodiversity.

What can tourism actors do in destinations?

There are many direct and indirect ways of influencing biodiversity protection and reducing negative impacts on biological diversity. In order to be able to combine tourism and nature conservation, close cooperation between destination management organizations, tourism companies, public administration, nature conservation organizations and visitors is necessary. Through a goal-oriented cooperation, all interest groups in this network can benefit together.

On this page you will find more information and helpful materials and tips on how the tourism sector can help protect biodiversity.



Would you like to learn more about biodiversity?  

The knowledge module "Biodiversity in Tourism" offers an interesting introduction to the subject of biological diversity and shows the possibilities of how biodiversity can be preserved and protected through tourism.

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 Worth reading 

Would you like to delve deeper into the subject of biodiversity?

Here you will find exciting literature on the protection of biodiversity in tourism. Current studies give you interesting impulses to become active yourself and to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in your destination. 

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Here you will find various tools and practical guides that will help you tackle the topic of biodiversity in tourism. Discover helpful self-checks and other support offers.

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 Sustainable pioneers 

Preserving, protecting and promoting biological diversity in tourist destinations - this is already happening successfully in some places. We would like to introduce you to some of these destinations that are sustainable pioneers. Discover examples of good practice and be inspired by how you, too, can contribute to the preservation and protection of biological diversity in the unique ecosystems of your destination.

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Looking for inspiration? 

Then you are right here. In addition to biodiversity, there are other sustainability issues that are interesting and important for tourism. Whether climate protection and adaptation to unavoidable climatic consequences, environmentally friendly mobility or the design of sustainable offers - we will be happy to inform and inspire you with things that are worth reading, examples and means for your own implementation. 

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