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Sustainable pioneers

Practical examples and actors in sustainable tourism


The members of the Excellence Initiative Sustainable Travel Destinations


Find out more about the various players involved in sustainable tourism in Germany here. We start by introducing the members of the  Excellence Initiative Sustainable Travel Destinations . This overview will be gradually expanded in the coming weeks.

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 Good solutions 

Good solutions

Practical examples of sustainable destinations and businesses

Many destinations and tourism companies have already set out to make tourism in Germany sustainable. Let yourself be inspired by your ideas, develop your own approaches and  get in touch with each other .  

 Sustainability certificates for  Tourism businesses

Sustainability certificates for tourism businesses

for credibility & transparency

The following selection shows the national and international environmental and sustainability certificates that the companies are audited by independent auditors on site and that their certified companies publish on the Green Travel Card Germany. Choose a certificate and look at the detailed description and map of the certified businesses in Germany on Tourism2030. 

Green Key
Green Globe Certified
EU Ecolabel
Certified Green Hotel

 Green Germany travel map 

All companies and destinations at a glance

Green Travel Map

Discover sustainable destinations on the Green Travel Map Germany that have already been awarded international, national or regional environmental and sustainability certificates.

Each entry is linked to the logo and the description of the associated label and additional information. This guarantees a high level of transparency.

Have fun browsing!

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