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Sustainability certificates for tourism companies

For credibility and transparency

Sustainability certificates

Discover sustainability certificates

More than 200 environmental and sustainability certificates and labels for tourism are available worldwide, more than half of them in Europe, many of them in Germany. ECOTRANS  continuously updates the global list on and publishes the certified businesses, destinations and tour operators on the Green Travel Maps . The largest share of the currently more than 16,000 entries are made up of accommodation providers.

Which certificates are available for destinations, hotels and pensions, holiday apartments and campsites in Germany?

Which of you offer a high level of credibility and transparency?

The following selection shows the national and international environmental and sustainability certificates that the companies are audited by independent auditors on site and that their certified companies publish on the Green Travel Card Germany. Choose a certificate and look at the detailed description and map of the certified businesses in Germany on Tourism2030. 

Certification Quickfinder

 Certification Quickfinder 

The Certification Quickfinder is a tool that helps destinations, tour operators or other tourism companies to find international, national and regional certificates. Users can set different filters, for example in which countries a certificate is available, under which category a certificate falls or what level of sustainability, credibility or service a certificate stands for. 

If you have set search filters on the individual tabs, you have to collapse them again in order to be able to see the entire map.

The Certification Quickfinder was created by our content provider  EcoTrans developed.

The orange button takes you directly to its website. There you can find detailed information about many other certificates!

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